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Should you hire a Local Painter or a Professional Painting Company?

There are quite a few reasons as why you should choose a Professional Painting Company compared to a Local

Vendor, let's discuss each one of them:

1. Quality: No matter how elegant or bright your selected paint shade, or how good or costly your selected paint type is, if you end up choosing an unskilled painter, then you will never get the flawless finishing. A local vendor can be a good painter or not, you will only come to know about this after you have hired him. Even if you would have seen his work in the past there is a chance that he might not have the same painters available and might send someone who is new in the painting. This can happen due to a variety of reasons such as he has 4 painters and can do 2 projects at once but he got a third customer so to make money he will take advance from that customer also now either he will send someone who is not trained at any of these sites or he will delay the work as he has limited painters and have taken more sites to earn money. So you can never be sure about the quality of the painters who will be working your house. While a painting company has its reputation at stake so we only hire painters who have a good amount of experience and after hiring also we train them as per our painting process. We do their background verification and train them in soft skills as well as painting skills. Also we keep a check regularly to match the standards we have set.

2. Commitment : When a Local Painter tells you that he will complete the work in 10 days, there is no surety as he might take some other extra work, or due to some emergency some painter might not come to work, and as he has limited labour work will never be completed on time. But when you hire a painting company we assign a team for your project and in case of some emergency we can replace the painters as we have a large number of painters available at any given point of time.

3. Material : When you hire a local vendor to make more profit he might even do material adulteration to save on material cost which will increase his profit margins. A professional painting company will never do that as they buy material in bulk so they already get the material at a cheaper price compared to local vendors and they have a reputation to maintain. Also they provide a service warranty so in case of you not getting the desired finish you can claim the service warranty and they will have to redo the work. So a painting company will make sure to do the work correctly the first time itself.

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4. Taking care of your household items : A local vendor might use your bedsheets of newspaper or reuse plastic sheets which already have paint stains and all of these methods will end up spoiling your furniture. And after painting also you will end up cleaning the house yourself. While a painting company will use new plastic sheets which will protect your household items from dust and paint stains. Also we do post service cleaning to ensure you get the house clean and you need not worry about cleaning it yourself.

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