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How To Choose The Best Paint At The Right Price For Your House?

If you are planning to paint your house, it is the quickest way to give your house an amazing makeover. But choosing the right paint for your painting needs is one of the tough decisions to make. No need to worry as this article will help you choose the right paint as per your requirement and budget.

Understanding the Paint Types:

There are so many paint brands available in the market that are making so many different kinds of paint, that it becomes difficult to choose the right one for your needs. Let us first categories paints as per our understanding in simple terms:

1. Washability

Some paints are non washable, some are semi washable and some are fully washable. Now you may choose as per your requirement which one suits your needs, such as if you have small kids who love to draw and consider walls as their canvas then going fully washable will be the ideal choice. Or if you don’t have kids or they don’t use crayons on walls you can go with non washable or semi washable if you would like to wipe minor hand or furniture marks from walls.

2. Finish

Once you have decided the washability and know which one to choose, after that comes the finish of the paint. Some paints give matt finish, some give soft sheen or some are even highly glossy in nature. While matt finish paint will diffuse the light falling on the surface, high glossy paint will reflect the light but due to reflection of light it will also highlight the imperfections of the wall. We would suggest you to go with soft sheen finish paints as they will give a luxurious feel on the wall and won’t even highlight the imperfections of the wall much. But if your walls have undulations(waviness or unevenness) then going with entirely matt finish paint should be the ideal choice.
textured painting
textured painting

Understanding the Paint Products:

Paint Companies make paints which are either distempers or Emulsions. Distempers are the cheapest available paint in the market but they have very little life and would give a rough and chalky finish. So it is advisable to go with emulsions, but if you would like to save money such as you are painting a rental property then distempers can be the ideal choice. In emulsions also there are different categories as per the budget, finish and washability. Such as Basic emulsions, Premium Emulsions, Premium Washable Emulsion, Luxury Emulsion and Super Luxury Emulsions. Let’s understand them one by one.

Basic Emulsion :

These are the cheapest emulsion paints, they will provide smooth finish as compared to distempers. But they are non washable and would last for 4-5 years.

Premium Emulsions :

These will provide a bit more smoothness compared to Basic emulsions but they are semi washable i.e. minor hand stains and furniture marks can be cleaned with clear water on premium emulsions.

Premium Washable :

As the name suggests, these paints are fully washable i.e. even crayon marks can be cleaned with mild soap water.

Luxury Emulsion:

These paints are fully washable, and with washability they will also provide the silky smoothness and soft sheen, giving the look and feel of a luxurious home.

Super Luxury Emulsions:

These paints come with all the benefits of Luxury Paints. But they also have a few extra add-ons such as perfume-like smell, teflon coating, crack bridging, or antibacterial properties. Price will keep rising from Distempers to basic emulsion till Super luxury emulsions. You can choose the paint type which suits your requirement and budget, or call us and we will help you choose the perfect paint as per your requirement and budget.

textured painting

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