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All You Need To Know About Painting Your House

If you have decided to take up the tedious task of painting your house then this blog will be of great help for you.

Whether you are hiring a local vendor or a professional house painting company such as PaintMyNest , it is always better to be technically aware about the steps of painting, so that you can check and verify whether the person doing painting is following all the steps properly and not doing any corner cutting so that end results are as expected and painting lasts a long time.

Once you read through this blog and understand the house painting technicalities, you will know that your hired help whether a local vendor or professionally trained painting company’s painter is on the right track or not. Even from the start you will be able to monitor the work and make sure you don’t end up with a shoddy job at the end of it.

1. Choose Paint Type Wisely :

There are a variety of paint types available in the market, but that doesn’t mean all of them will necessarily match your requirements and fit in your budget. It is like this if you wish to travel from Pune to Bangalore, you can do that via different modes of transport available, such as Cab, own car, Train, Bus or even via Air.

While all of them will be able to take you to your destination, travel time, comfort and fare will vary. Similarly you should first decide what you need from painting, such as if you have kids at your home, you might wish to go for a washable paint. Or if you are a tenant you might like to save some money and not spend much on house painting as you don’t plan to stay in that house for long.

So depending upon your requirements you should choose the paint type, and if you are still unable to decide, just take the help of experts in this field and Book a Survey on our website and we will be more than happy to clear your confusion and finalise the right paint type as per your budget and requirements.

textured painting
textured painting

2. Choose Paint Colour Wisely :

After you have decided the paint type, next comes paint colour. Light colours usually make the room feel more airy, bright and bigger while dark shades will make it look smaller and congested. It is always advisable to go for light shades in the entire room and you can make one wall in dark shade to highlight it. If you wish to feel warmth in the room you can go for yellow colours or red colours, as they will add to the excitement in the room. And if you wish to feel calmness in the room, you can go for green or blue shades, usually recommended for bedrooms. But before you even get into the painting mode, you should try a few samples and find the one which best suits your house.

3. Precautions

Once you have finalised your paint type and colour shades, you should take precautionary measures to save your household items such as furniture, floor, doors and windows etc from paint stains. Best way is to move the movable furniture in the centre of the room and cover it with plastic sheets. Whatever can’t be moved in the centre that should be covered with plastic sheets there itself. Even your door frames and switch boards should be covered with masking tapes to protect them from paint stains. If the floor is wooden or marble, even that should be covered with plastic sheets, so that at the end the painter doesn’t end up leaving the stains on the floor.

4. Paint Process to follow

Different paints need a different paint process, it also depends on the damage condition of the wall, it also depends whether you are doing painting on the interior surface or the exterior surface, you can read about it in detail in our service section.

5. Cleaning

If you were able to get the masking and packaging done properly then you will have to worry very less about the cleaning part. But even if you end up staining the surface, not to worry, use the deep cleaning technique to get rid of the stains. You can use dish soap, rubbing alcohol or even chemical cleaners or turpentine. But it is always better to do the cleaning as soon as possible because longer the paint stains stay, it will be difficult to remove them. So by using these tips you will be able to get your house painting done in the most hassle free manner.

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