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Which Painting Process To Follow While Painting Your House?

If you have decided to paint your house, the first thing that will confuse you will be which painting process to follow, as choosing the wrong painting process will either result in spoiling the final finish of the paint or you will end up spending the extra money which is not required. Today this article will help you choose the right painting process, that will help you get the best paint finish and need not break your bank.
There are three kind of paint process that can be done in the interior of the house i.e. Whitewash, Repaint, and Fresh Paint. Lets Understand them one by one:


Whitewash is the most economical way to paint your house, but it has its limitations, such as it can be done only in the case where damage such as cracks or physical damage on the walls is negligible. Also it can be done only in the basic paints such as Distempers or Basic emulsion. You won’t be able to change the colour shade as the same colour needs to be reapplied.

Whitewash Process involves:
  • 1. Packaging & Masking
  • 2. Sanding
  • 3. Paint Application
  • 4. Cleaning

Pros of doing Whitewash:
  • 1. Cheapest way to paint your house
  • 2. Less time consuming

textured painting
textured painting

Cons of doing Whitewash:
  • 1. Only distemper and basic emulsions can be used
  • 2. Can’t be done when wall is damaged
  • 3. Colours can’t be changed
  • 4. Life of this paint will be less

Whitewash is ideal for someone who is looking to give their place a makeover and has a very tight budget. It is mostly used in rented houses, as it saves money and it lasts 1-2 years which is the same as a tenant staying at the place.


Repainting is the most common way that is used to paint most of the houses. Distempers, Basic emulsions, Premium Emulsions or even premium washable paints can be done in the repainting process provided damage on the wall is not more than 20%.

Repainting Process involves:
  • 1. Packaging & Masking
  • 2. Sanding
  • 3. Putty Touch Up
  • 4. Primer Application
  • 5. Paint Application
  • 6. Cleaning
Pros of doing Repaint:
  • 1. Can be done in most of the houses
  • 2. Colour options are available
  • 3. Minor damages are repairable
Cons of doing Repaint:
  • 1. Dark colours can’t be used
  • 2. Costlier then whitewash
Fresh Paint

Fresh painting is the best way to achieve the best finish possible provided you are ready to spend the money. Fresh painting involves the process in which more labour and material is required. But it doesn’t have any limitations.

Fresh Painting Process involves:
  • 1. Packaging & Masking
  • 2. Sanding
  • 3. Putty Base
  • 4. Primer Application
  • 5. Paint Application
  • 6. Cleaning
Pros of doing Fresh Paint:
  • 1. It can be done without worrying about the damage condition, as all the damage are repaired in fresh painting
  • 2. Any type of paint can be used, from dismembers to super luxury emulsions.
  • 3. Any shade can be used, even dark shades can be done in fresh painting
Cons of doing Fresh Paint:
  • 1. Costly compared to other process
  • 2. Time Consuming

So now you will be able to decide the paint process for your house. Our advice will be to choose one painting process for the majority of the house and change it on one or two walls as per the requirement. Such as if you are doing whitewash in the rest of the house, you can do repainting or fresh painting as per their damage conditions or if you wish to change the colour shade on that particular wall.

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